"With the right research everything is achievable."

About me / short description

Mostly I prefer developing various internet projects, using PHP OOP with Codeigniter. I don't really like using ready CMS systems, because that way you feel limited to them. But I still agree that they are useful for very simple sites

I also enjoy developing some jQuery scripts on sites. Especially if i can connect them to an existing php project using Ajax. That way the site gets a nice dynamic feel with jQuery animations and ajax, that can submit and load data in very convenient ways.

I work on Linux Ubuntu. So the designs I make or edit are usually done in GIMP. As I have some experience working on linux, I have realised that if you searchfor information in the right places, you can achieve very interesting things with linux. All it requires is some basic knowledge.

To sum up the things I do are:

  • facebook application development
  • application development
  • Wordpress Theme development
  • PHP project development
  • Writing various jQuery scripts for animations and Ajax on websites
  • PSD to a nice and clean HTML + CSS conversion
  • Solving various problems with existing sites to improve their looks or javascript functionality

Work experience / real time experience

  • promptu-menu / developer

    • Open source jQuery plugin
    • The plugin converts unordered lists into iPhone-like widget
    • Touch event support on mobile devices to enable swiping
    • Animations with inertia
  • velbor / developer

    • PSD to HTML conversion
    • Image sliders
    • Image gallery
    • Codeigniter based CMS
    • AJAX contact page
  • / jQuery

    • Page scrolling
    • Background image scaling while keeping aspect ratio, with ability to align to top/left etc
  • / developer

    • WP theme development
    • Custom post type fields
  • The other world / developer

    • WP theme development
  • / developer

    • PSD to HTML conversion
    • a little jQuery
  • / jQuery

    • The small jQuery script to paginate portfolios
  • / developer

    • CMS development
    • Codeigniter framework
    • jQuery sliders
    • Internationalization
  • Work at / developer

    Work with projects such as

  • RSU SP / Backend developer

    Development of the new website, giving visitors the ability to log in using or password.

    • Programming using Codeigniter MVC framework
    • Development of the CMS
    • Plupload for fast and convenient image upload in galleries
    • Login, using facebook or draugiem passport
    • A dynamic FAQ page
  • Development of a traffic exchange project / Backend developer

    • PHP OOP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax
    • Based on a custom MVC framework
    • A complex system that allows users to earn points by visiting other websites
    • Paypal integration, using a Paypal IPN (Instant Payments Notification) listener
    • Demo:
  • / Web developer

    Design, development of the whole website

    • Development of the CMS with Codeigniter MVC framework
    • Animations in jQuery
    • Web design
  • Scrolling site template development / Web developer

    • Usage of jQuery scrollto plugin to navigate through pages
    • Animations in jQuery
    • Ajax to send messages from Contacts page
    • Custom written javascript that resizes background images to fill screen, without losing their aspect ratio
    • Cross browser compatability
    • iPhone, iPad and Android users can navigate easily through the pages, using a swiping action
  • / Web developer

    Re-making the original site without the usage of flash

    • jQuery programmed carousel with wine bottles
    • Animations in jQuery
  • Jaunciema osta meteo information publishing sistem / developer

    • Weather station connected to a linux pc via serial cable
    • Weather information is updated on the server every minute
    • Cron job to publish information to, that draws information graphs
  • Profesiju labirints (project has closed and doesnt exist anymore) / php developer

    This was a project for children, that would help them understand their next profession. Containing various tasks. Submitting their stories these children were entitled to win various prizes.

Personal details / my personal information

  • Name - Jānis Zaržeckis
  • Date of birth - 13th August 1989
  • Interests - Music, Books, Watersports, Linux, Growth etc

Web abilities / my web abilities

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
Adobe Photoshop, GIMP

Contact information

Telephone : +371 27502606
Secondary : +371 26131664

Email :
Web :